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MinimooseNew raffle is up!
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Arianny CelesteJust wanted to give folks a heads up. I'll need help with actions from Saturday through Tuesday next week. I won't be able to remote into get actions popped and wanted to give a heads up to anyone that might be able to assist and wanted to give a decent amount of notice. Sorry for any trouble this may cause!
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BrandonSparksHey everyone. So I was wondering if anyone would care to join me in a D&D campaign on a virtual tabletop called Fantasy Grounds. You can get it through steam and it is free as long as you just want to be a player. I'm not sure how many of you are interested in D&D but if you are pm me. I am located in the San Diego area for time zone reference. I would like to play on weekends and a time would be discussed later. I know with the holidays coming up that everyone is gonna be busy so sometime in January after I get into the swing of college, i would like to start. ty all.
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Arianny Celeste   Welcome!
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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!
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Happy Birthday Casca!
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Happy Birthday Trevor, Faid, and Darlington!
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