The Eternal Garden
Thanks for your interest in EG!

Until such a time that our proper mission statement is added, here are the basics:
The Eternal Garden is a community-focused Free Company. The usual binary of social-focused and content-focused Free Companies is irrelevant here - we have our progressive players, we have our casual players, we have players that would rather be fishing or cooking than fighting anything at all. What unites us is our desire to build a stable, long-term home, ever since our beginnings back in 2011.
It doesn't matter if your goal is to grind the ceiling of fresh, challenging content or wandering around aimlessly hoping to stumble into something fun, you have a welcoming community that works together and supports that development. Whether you play every day, once a week, or when there's nothing better to do, the Eternal Garden strives to ever be a sanctuary that will support your growth as a player. 
We started as a very small group of friends who thought our desire for this kind of community was rare, and over the last three years we've found that we couldn't have been more wrong. 
If this sounds like something you've been looking for, apply today and see if you feel at home with us. 
See you in Eorzea!

The Eternal Garden 2015 Recruitment Video