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Ryond   uploaded an image to FC Photography
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RyondAnyone miss 1.0's graphics?
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Arianny Celeste   Wow that's wild! I also like that the physical level bar is down there at the bottom ^^
Ryond   I didn't even notice that! Man, those were the days...
Arianny CelesteI know a lot of EG folks have come and gone over the past year and even though some may not know him I just wanted to make a quick post for our fellow EG member that we lost to cancer a year ago. Will Smith was a great member of EG, always welcoming and fun to adventure around with in game and wow was that guy a relic weapon making machine! I'm glad that he found his way to our FC and that we had the opportunity to spend time with him in Eorzea. We miss ya Will!
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Ryond   Somewhere out there, Will is either crafting or afking in the Jeweled Crozier.

Thank you for the memories, Will, and thank you Ari for making this post.
Hrothgar Oraen   I still think about Will and the rest of EG every time I play FFXIV.
Acorn   I will make another Anima weapon in his honor. The bright light shines like his spirit.
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People who aren't currently on our in game roster can only view the right and middle panels of the site. This is an intentional part of the site design. You are grandfathered to rejoin in game with no red tape and your site access would be restored.
I can't view or look at anything in the forums basically. My profile, the front page, all good.
Your access should not be limited in any way, but if you find that it is, drop Moose or any of the Council a note on Discord.
Hi Ashra! Don't worry, once the site lapses into the free account it will still be the same, just with ads. I think.
It may have happened a while ago but... How can I stalk you all if my access is limited?
We took it off so we can just let the account lapse into a free one. Hardly anyone visits the site anymore except to upload pictures and take part in raffles, so we decided it's not worth paying for it.
Thank Ryond, thank you, it's been a very long and hard time being away from the game and everyone, hope to return soon. I was looking to donate but I don't see the function any more, no need for funds?
Once a member of EG, always a member of EG - provided one left on good terms of course, which I believe you did :) Welcome back!
Sorry for my long absence, hope everyone is well, I hope to return soon if I'm still a member.
Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it!